Mike Nock | image © Karen Steains

Mike Nock | image © Karen Steains

Mike has a large catalogue of critically acclaimed, internationally released recordings featuring his compositions, played and recorded by many jazz and classical musicians and  is featured in several international collections including The World’s Greatest Fake Book and The New Real Book (SHER Music, USA)

Although most widely known as a jazz composer Mike is receiving increasing recognition as a serious composer with musicians such as top Australian pianists Michael Kieran-Harvey and Simon Tedeschi, NZ’s Michael Houstoun and Sydney’s Apollo Trio, featuring his music on their recent CDs. His music is featured in  Sue Healey’s recent award-winning  film Virtuosi and  his compositions include electronic soundscapes, choral pieces, music for dance and film and have been commissioned and performed by ensembles such as:

  • The New Zealand Piano Quartet ( Dialogues, Meditations & Reflections)
  • New Zealand String Quartet (Transformations 1/11/111)
  • The NZTrio  (Viccisitudes)
  • Pianists Michael Houstoun and Diedre Irons (Southern Suite)
  • The Australian Chamber Orchestra (Transformations 1,11,111)
  • The Cleveland Chamber Orchestra (US) (Pandora Was No Lady)
  • Ensemble 24  (Fictional Realities)
  • Melbourne Windpower (Motif With Diverse Variations)
  • Synergy (Timelines)
  • along with many others

“Mike Nock has a remarkable sensitivity for intense compositions, outstanding for their clear thoughtfulness.” – AUDIO Magazine, GERMANY “Finely crafted jazz scoring” – Downbeat (USA)

“… a gifted writer, Nock’s compositions are full of un-expected twists and turns.” –CODA Magazine (Canada – Dec ’99)

“Environments, Mike Nock’s extended work for jazz quintet and string quartet, is an impressive achievement that deserves far wider exposure.” – Peter Jordan, Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 22nd, 1997

Download the music for ‘Red Descending’

Mike Nock Red DescendingRed Descending is basically a jazz waltz and although the occasional bar of 5/4 might make it difficult to dance to, I hope you’ll still find it fun to play.


Free download of sheet music for ‘Red Descending’

Free download

There will be more of Mike’s music made available for free download (piano music, jazz tunes & even ensemble pieces from time to time – watch this space)


This audio is a computer simulation. ‘Red Descending’ as played by a real pianist can be heard on Michael Kieran Harvey’s In the Time of SakuraThe piano music of Mike Nock (Move Records MD3314) and on pianist Michael Houstoun’s Inland (Rattle Records – RAT-D016) Best Classical Album – 2008 NZ music awards


Firestarters 3 The Mike Nock Piano Collection


Promethean Editions ( NZ ) have recently published a book of his solo piano music. Firestarters 3 The Mike Nock Piano Collection, a collection of nine recital pieces for solo piano suitable for performers of approximately Grade VI to Diploma-level ability.

Each piece has been annotated with suggestions for performance and interpretation, and all are ideal for student recital or professional performance.

“Mike Nock is a top fellow, his music is lovely to play, and audiences really enjoy it … what more could you want? Bravo to Promethean editions for its new Firestarters collection! The pianist as arsonist, fires that enliven – I like it – burn, baby, burn!!” – Michael Houstoun, New Zealand.