Recorded live at Christchurch Arts Festival

Mike Nock: Vicissitudes from Chris Watson on Vimeo.

Mike Nock Trio

MIke Nock (piano)
Brett Hirst (bass)
James Waples (drums)


Justine Cormack (violin)
Ashley Brown (cello)
Sarah Watkins (piano)

Programme Notes from Mike: Vicissitudes is a set of variations, exploring some of the differences and similarities of approach possible between a classical piano trio and a jazz piano trio. Based on a descending and ascending minor scale, the theme lends itself to endless variation. The opening piano statement is followed by variations from NZTrio, before my trio enters with our commentary. A free improvisation follows with all six musicians included, then a two piano interlude is heard, leading to more NZTrio perspectives and transmuting into a 5/4 jazz excursion. After several short interludes from NZTrio, there is an earthly jazz variation, preceding NZTrio’s return to the original theme. This leads to the energetic, baroque influenced finale, with both ensembles interacting and contributing to the exuberant ending.


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